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This page is under continuous construction. Here you will find information regarding Cinema Projection and associated equipment. Much of the information contained here regarding repair and maintenance should only be performed by qualified technicians. If it is your intention to service equipment we highly recommend that you invest in the training provided by the manufacturers. Failure to follow this recommendation could void your manufacturer's warranty. We also recommend purchasing the manufacturer's extended warranty at the end of your equipment's warranty period.


                                                     (By the way some of the video links here are for entertainment purposes only)


Bill Beck, Barco's "Laser Guy",

talks Laser Projection

Lamp vs Laser

in projectors

Barco how to play and

schedule content

Creating a diagnostics package

with Barco Communicator

Changing the cooling liquid in Barco DP90, DP100, DP3000

How to change Osram XBO Lamp

in Christie Digital Cinema Projector

Barco's DP4K-L Cinema

Laser Projection

Introduction to Barco's


How to ingest content via Web

Commander Software

Using the graphical status overview

with Barco Communicator

Changing the cooling liquid in Barco DP1500 & DP2000

Lamp replacement Sony

SRX-R320 projector

How to change Osram XBO Bulb in Barco Cinema Projector

How to change a bulb

How to create a show via Web

Commander Software

Changing user access levels

with Barco Communicator

Customizing your projector touch

panel (Barco Communicator)

Lamp alignment NEC NC series digital projectors

How to install the Barco Alchemy ICMP into your Cinema Projector

Lamp alignment for Barco

Digital Projectors

Barco Cinema Projector

Diagnose & Repair

Resetting the lamp on your

Barco Digital Cinema Projector

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