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Cinevision Corp. has been providing equipment Sales, Rentals and Service for Motion Picture Projection and  Sound Equipment for more than 40 years.   Since 1972 our clients have included The Motion Picture and  Television  Industry,  Universities,  Museums,  Government  Agencies,  Business  Sectors,  Civic Organizations  and  Individuals.   We specialize in providing equipment and services for Indoor and Outdoor  Film  Events,  Theatre,  Screening Room  and Corporate  Presentations.   Our equipment inventory  spans  over  100  years  of  innovations  and  history.  Whether you are looking for current "State  Of  The  Art"  Projection  and  Sound  Equipment  or  vintage equipment and memorabilia for display  or  props  we  can  accomodate  your  needs.   Our  main  office  building  in  Atlanta,  Ga.  also    features  a  150  Rocking  Chair  Screening  Room  with  equipment  for  virtually  all  formats  of  Motion Picture  and  Sound  Presentation.   Tickets for public upcoming screening room events can be purchased online  Please  view  our  Web  pages  and  visit our  e-bay  store.


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